Vet to Vet/Boston
21 Myrtle St.
Newton, MA  02465

857 364-4930

Vet to Vet/Boston is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that provides peer-to-peer support for veterans with emotional, psychological and/or substance abuse issues. We provide the support by recruiting and training veterans, who are themselves in recovery, as peer facilitators,. Once trained, the facilitators host group sessions for troubled veterans. We are not therapists but the sessions, in and of themselves, are therapy. Our motto is: "We've been there...We can help."

Vet to Vet/Boston is part of the national Vet to Vet movement founded by Moe Armstrong, a Vietnam veteran who suffered on his return, and was unable to take steps toward recovery while in a clinical setting. Recover came only when he shared his burdens with his fellow veterans in group settings.