Vet to Vet/Boston is an all-volunteer alliance of veterans working together to support mental health and substance abuse services for all veterans. We provide the support mainly through group meetings -- hosted by Vet to Vet  facilitators -- in which we advocate respect, dignity and confidentiality. 

Vet to Vet/Boston envisions a future in which it help ensures:
    * That every veteran receives the opportunity to achieve recovery from the social, physical and/or emotional problems that he or she faces;
    * That every veteran regains a connection with others through groups of like-minded veterans
    * That every veteran has the opportunity to enjoy an intellectually and culturally rich life;
    * That every veteran of any age has access to decent and affordable housing;
    * That every veteran and his/her family have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and supportive life.

                                                             WHO WE ARE
Vet to Vet/Boston is part of the national Vet to Vet movement. Veto to Vet/Boston is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. We are registered as a non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are also designated as a public charity by the Attorney General's Office of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have permission from the Attorney General's Office to solicit financial support. As an all-volunteer alliance of veterans, all monies raised are put toward programs that help veterans, except for routine administrative expenses.

                                                    FURTHER POINTS
​Vet to Vet/Boston is governed by a nine-member Board of veterans, none of whom are paid for their service on the Board. We have three ex-officio members that include a VA clinician, a retired VA clinician, and a leader of a veterans' organization.

All of our peer facilitators are volunteers.

Our bylaws prevent us from using professional fund-raisers. We raise what little money we need from events (e.g., macaroni & meatball suppers) and grants for training.

About us